Centro León and AERODOM sign an alliance to develop temporary art and culture exhibitions at airports

• The agreement will allow the airports managed by AERODOM to have art exhibitions or temporary cultural facilities that highlight the country’s image organized by the León Center.

• With this initiative AERODOM seeks to strengthen the sense of place and the passenger experience

• VINCI Airports, AERODOM’s parent company, promotes the participation of local cultural expressions in its airports globally.

Santo Domingo, RD- The Eduardo León Jimenes Foundation, the Centro León and Aeropuertos Dominicanos Siglo XXI (AERODOM), a subsidiary of VINCI Airports, signed a collaboration agreement to jointly develop activities to promote Dominican culture and art in the airports operated by AERODOM, with the aim of strengthening the sense of place and passenger experience.

As part of the alliance, they propose to carry out exhibition projects of the country image that, based on cultural and artistic expressions genuinely representative of the Dominican community, generate identification processes. This is how they propose to make temporary exhibitions at airports with archaeological, ethnographic and visual arts pieces in general.

Likewise, they will be convening activities with Dominican artists to work creatively around the themes or concepts related to the action of traveling and its components or related objects, such as the suitcase and the plane as pieces of art and exhibitions with attractive themes of the dominicanity.

The agreement, signed at the Centro León in Santiago by the president of the Eduardo León Jimenes Foundation, María Amalia León; the executive manager of the León Center, María Luisa Asilis and the CEO of AERODOM, Mónika Infante Henríquez, also contemplates the offer of quality artisan and creative products with the Centro León seal related to the exhibitions they carry out in the airport stores or in spaces specially designed for it.

”Following the model of several airports in our group, such as Lyon in France or Kansai in Japan – whose terminals have hosted representative exhibitions of the history and art of the host country – we are excited to sign this alliance together with the León Center, with which We will be holding exhibitions at our airports that allow us to reveal our national identity through visual art, while making the experience of travelers more pleasant,” said Mónika Infante Henríquez, CEO of AERODOM.

”At the Centro León we have assumed two great premises in the last year: art does not stop and culture is hope. Therefore, this agreement with AERODOM provides us with spaces to develop these calls to action and at the same time fulfill our institutional mission of promoting creativity, respect for identities and improving habitability through education, promotion and the dissemination of culture”, commented María Amalia León, president of the Eduardo León Jimenes Foundation.

The proposed initiatives are part of the customer service approach and the commitment to improve the passenger experience at the airports belonging to the VINCI Airports network, operated by AERODOM, located in Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata, Barahona and Samaná.

Thanks to the agreement, AERODOM joins other airports in the VINCI Airports network that have also opened their doors to promote local cultural expressions, such as the Lyon airport in France that collaborated with the 15th edition of the Biennial of Contemporary Art and the Kansai Airport in Japan that showcased the work of eight renowned manga artists highlighting this japanese tradition.

About Centro León

The Centro León is a non-profit institution belonging to the Eduardo León Jimenes Foundation, which opened its doors to the public in 2003. It consolidates the trajectory and support for art and culture that the León family has been developing since the Foundation Eduardo León Jimenes. It collects 40 collections on visual arts, archeology, ethnography, Dominican folklore, Dominican popular culture, Dominican photography, bibliography, cartography, documentary and multimedia. Its programs and projects are articulated around its thematic axes: creativity, identity and habitability, through activities of socio-cultural animation and education. 

About Aerodom

Aerodom is a Dominican company that owns the concession to operate six state airports in the country, due in 2030. It handles an annual average of five million passengers. Since 2016, the company is part of the international airport group VINCI Airports, which is the leading global private airport operator responsible for managing and operating 46 airports in France, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Serbia, Cambodia, Japan, United States United, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Chile and Brazil. In 2019, the global network of VINCI Airports handled 250 million passengers. More detailed information is available

About VINCI Airports

VINCI Airports, the leading private airport operator in the world, manages 45 airports in 12 countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. We harness our expertise as a comprehensive integrator to develop, finance, build and operate airports, while leveraging our investment capability and expertise in optimising operational performance, modernising infrastructure and driving environmental transition. VINCI Airports became the first airport operator to start rolling out an international environmental strategy, in 2016, with a view to achieving net zero emissions throughout its network by 2050.