Environmental Management

Preserving the environment is a key asset for Aerodom

With this in mind, we choose the following priorities in terms of environmental impact: efficient consumption of water and energy, active control of potentially polluting emissions, soil and water resources, reduction, reuse and recycling of waste, noise management and preservation of biodiversity .

We also hope to lead by example and be a positive influence on the different economic agents that work outside and around our airports, creating awareness for greater environmental responsibility.

We have an integrated management system, which includes environmental performance, and has been certified to ISO 14001 since 2020.

Carbon accreditation

Our airports have been certified as Airport Carbon Accreditation by the International Airports Council since 2018.

This is the result of a sustainable, systematic and voluntary effort to manage the carbon emissions linked to our commercial activity.

The Airport Carbon Accreditation is part of a carbon emissions management program that measures and recognizes the efforts made by airports to manage and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Currently, our six airports are certified at level 1 (Mapping) and are in process of receiving level 2 (Reduction).

The reduction means that, in addition to recording the CO2 emission sources under our direct control, we have also managed to effectively reduce our carbon footprint.

Our carbon footprint is verified by an external and independent entity for levels 1 and 2, which reinforces the credibility of our declared emission levels.