About Vinci Airports

As a global integrator, VINCI Airports develops, finances, builds and provides everyday operation of 45 airports in France and worldwide.

Because each region is different, VINCI builds each project differently, tailoring decisions to the specific location, traffic profile, budget, and regulatory environment, taking into account many other key factors. As the prime contractor, VINCI Airports draws on the expertise, technical, legal, financial and security skills of specialized teams.

VINCI Airports’ vision is not limited to being investors: it operates airports under its management for many decades. His extensive experience provides highly detailed knowledge of daily airport management, from passenger services to non-operating revenue generation, personnel management and security.

And because traffic growth is central to the strategy, airport marketing is one of its main strengths. Every year, the VINCI Airports network contributes to creating the new routes that drive the airport’s growth.

The offer of VINCI airports

The offer is structured around three main commercial activities.

Design and Construction: Whether it is the complete construction of new airports or the expansion of existing facilities, the Group has the skills to balance the operational requirements of its clients with its financial limitations. From design to prime contractor services, it also offers a range of technical support packages

Management: The Group is the concession operator of a network of 45 airports in France and abroad. It also contributes to the long-term development of the regions in which it operates by increasing its attractiveness for business and tourism.

Investment: Investment capacity, a wide international network and experience provide the ability to offer optimal airport management.

About Vinci Airports