Social Responsability

At Aerodom we strive to be a good neighbor and an active and positive member of the communities where we operate. For this reason, we execute a policy of community development, social inclusion and environmental protection in all the communities where our airports operate. We share some of the programs currently underway:

Program 1: Internship program with NGO The Dream Project

Seeking to support young people in vulnerable situations residing in the communities near our airports, we started a program together with The DREAM Project that will allow graduates of the ¡A Ganar! participate in our internship programs. In addition, together with volunteer employees, we guide them to enter the labor market and we will guide them on the importance of preparing and educating themselves. As a result of the program, 8 young people completed internships at AIGL and 1 young participant was employed at AIGL.

Program 2: Strengthening of emergency team response capacities.

Improving our emergency systems and social development is vital to guarantee a better quality of life. For this reason, we work closely with national emergency agencies and donate various equipment to law enforcement agencies to strengthen their operational capacity. As part of this program, in 2019 we donated antennas for the installation of emergency sirens and lamps; donation of fire extinguishers and training at the Boca Chica Hospital; Support was provided to the security forces for Operativo Semana Santa 2019 by providing uniforms and food, among others.

Program 3: Huellas 2019

The HUELLAS 2019 program benefited 100 young people in vulnerable situations from the environment of our six airports. This program included the realization of a camp with the slogan “We open the doors to the world”, which provided the necessary tools to young leaders from our closest communities to explore and get to know themselves better; helping them to define a short, medium and long life plan. The young beneficiaries were selected by the Ministry of Education (MINERD), taking into account that they had to belong to the schools closest to our airports, be between 14 and 17 years old and have good academic qualifications. The camp ran from Thursday, November 14 to Sunday, November 17 in Campo Escuela Cuayo, Hato Damas, San Cristóbal.